Sunday, March 25, 2012

When just staying at home in Yeongcheon

During my first spring and summer there, rose aroma filled the air.

     I found a coffee shop by the river in Yeongcheon.  They served hot wings (above)

     Yeongcheon was as peaceful of a town I've ever known. 
I found a small lake not far from my apartment.
It was not unusual for children to practice their English with me.
I found a gym I could walk to in ten minutes.
They provided work out shorts and t-shirt plus shower soap and towels.
 I spent the first couple hours of many of my mornings there.

 Near my apartment, an open market would be displayed every Wednesday.
That's pumpkin porridge in those bowls above.  Delicious (when it wasn't salty). 

Red Peppers anyone?

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