Sunday, March 25, 2012

Korea's War Memorial

     I discovered Korea's War Memorial by accident.  I was walking from a subway station toward Itaewon when the memorial seemed to pop up out of nowhere.  During my first visit there, I guess I spent at least two hours inside looking at all the displays.

Jongno My First Time

     I went there to enjoy some volleyball.  By way of Facebook, I met a very kind filipino man who had been living in Korea for about ten years or so.  He was fluent in Korean and was a volleyball player.  Well, at first, I thought it was all about a group of friends just meeting together regularly to play some volleyball, but I was wrong.  Turns out that it was a volleyball team meeting for practice.  Nevertheless, I went and met everyone.  I didn't play any volleyball, but we all went out for dinner and drinks in Jongno afterwards.  I ate plenty, drank a few beers, and called it a night.  A couple of the teammates had helped me find a motel a few hours earlier, and it was only a short walking distance from the club where we enjoyed our drinks.  I've used that motel many times since.  Not a bad place to stay for only 35,000 wons, and there are plenty of sights to see, places to eat good food, movie cinemas, and coffee shops in the neighborhood.  Also Insadong is not far away.

     The temple pictured below sits right next to the motel where I stayed.

      That's Seoul Tower in the distance (above).

 Can you see Seoul Tower in the distance (above)?