Monday, March 19, 2012

More Korean Food

I have a lot more stuff on my Youtube channel.

                    While I was learning how to read Korean menus, I relied on the pictures.  

     Until I came to South Korea, I had never eaten Gimbab.  I found them to be very very VERY filling, so I decided to not eat them often.

     Ths menu is short and simple.  Spaghetti or Pork Cutlet.  Both I found to be delicious, so I returned here many times until the owner changed it into a fried chicken restaurant (I was soooo disappointed). 


     Above, on the left side of the menu are single dishes.  On the right, family sized items.  This place was a five minute walk away from my apartment.  There kimchi was too salty for my taste, but everything else was always delicious.  I could eat a meal there for less than 6000 wons.

Bibimbab (above) is basically a mess in a bowl, but it's delicious, filling, fresh, and inexpensive.  That doesn't count the assortment of side dishes.  This whole set up cost me about 5000 wons.

     Dak (dauk) cakes filled with brown sugar.  Very chewy and filling.  I could never eat more than two or three.

     In little brown bottles, like the one pictured above, were vitamin and herb drinks.  There were everywhere.  Sometimes they were kept in a heating cabinet.  Sometimes they were in cooling cabinets. 

     Above, whew! it was a spicey dish with bits of octopus in it. 

          Ok, so it's one of many "Club Burgers" I enjoyed in Daegu.  I know I visited this place at least ten time, because I had a little card stamped ten times after which I got a free one.  One time, the nice people there gave me a free espresso drink (because of a delay, which I didn't mind, in getting my food prepared).

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