Sunday, March 25, 2012

Itaewon, My First Time

      I found two hills affectionally called "Hookers Hill" and "Homo Hill."  Actually, they are streets, each being one street away from, and running parallel to, each other.  While I was walking up one of them, during my first venture through Itaewan that Sunday afternoon, I was approched.... I declined.

     Both streets are lined on both sides with bars.  I have seen as much partying outside on the streets as I have seen inside the various bars.  I've enjoyed a few beers at a couple of them (and that's all).
     Not all bars and clubs are on these two "hills."  I have seen many throughout Itaewon.  Also, I've seen many (and have eaten at a few) restaurants featuring international cuisines.

     Besides eating some lunch, all I did in Itaewan was walk around.  That required only a couple hours of slow walking. 

      I've eaten western styled breakfast at "All American Diner" a few times.  Pricey, but delicious!

      Great burgers are made at Kraze Burgers.  During my first time eating at the one pictured above, a Korean man dressed in a gray suit sat at the table next to mine.  While he slowly enjoyed his beer, he started a conversation with me.  He told me his father fled North Korea years ago and started a new life near Daegu.  I had told him I was living in Yeongcheon, and that rung a bell in his mind.  Very kind man he was.
      That orange building has been a reliable cue, telling me I'm near Seoul Station, when riding in a taxi.    In those white tents was a church service being conducted.

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