Sunday, March 25, 2012

Discovering a bit of Dongdaegu

     Up till this point, the only place out of town I'd venture about was Daegu.  I always rode to the Daegu Station, and I never had to walk far before I found dozens of coffee shops and eateries featuring all sorts of cuisine.  So, Daegu was enough to keep me busy for awhile.  The trip was only 4,700 wons on a Saemaul train and 2,500 wons on a Magungwha each way.  This time, I wanted to get off at the Dongdaegu Station.  Once, I walked from Daegu Station to Dongdaegu Station just to see how long it that would take.  About one hour of my usually walking pace was all.

      I learned that many Mugungwha trains passed through Yeongcheon to and from Dongdaegu everyday, so it became my station of choice when I wanted to go to Daegu.  Not only that, but it was the main transfer station when I wanted to go to Seoul or Busan.  Plus, next to and across the street from Dongdaegu are bus terminals where buses transport people all over including limosine bus services to Incheon and Busan International airports.  Also, I learned that it was full of motels and clubs where lots of nightlife could be enjoyed.

Daegu is in that direction (southwest) 

Pohang is in that direction (Northeast) 

You can't see it now, but on top of that silo looking building was placed a star light that changed colors.  I could see it at night as my returning train approached Yeongcheon Station.

Kraze Burger (above) looks Burnham's Burgers below.
Their menus are fairly much the same, so I don't know what's up about all that.
They are practically across the street from each other in Daegu.
Burnham's got my attention first, so....  However
I've enjoyed Kraze while visiting Itaewon and at Incheon Airport.

Usually after eating a burber at Burnham's (see above), I would have coffee at Angel in-us Coffee.
It was across the street, and that brownie (see below) was what I wanted most.
Sad to say, they stopped carrying that brownie after about a year.
So, I began looking for another coffee shop.

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