Sunday, March 25, 2012

My first venture to Seoul

     By way of my Facebook page, I met a person who offered to host me around a bit in Seoul.  It was my first trip, so I chose to stick to the obviously tourist attraction and enjoy some good food while there.

      Seoul Station is not the only busy KTX (fast train) station in South Korea, nor in Seoul, but it is definitely a busy hub.  Since my first visit and subway line going to Incheon International Airport has been installed.  Every time I've gone to Seoul Station, there has been musical entertainment (and lots of smokers, cough cough) just outside one of the station doors. 

      I would call eating a very social occasion in South Korea.  Most Korean restaurants I've seen serve a minimal of two people.  Well, you can eat alone, but you'll pay no less than the price for two people.  Sometimes, it's chicken, sometimes pork, sometimes beef.  You grill it at the table.  Often the side dishes are refillable.

      That first Seoul Subway experience was exciting.  I think I would have learned more had I not had a host.  Honestly, I was just following him and not paying much attention to where we were going.  However, one think I noted that has been true no matter where I've gone in Korea is that many (but not all) do not watch where they are going and/or they cut in front of others and or they stop in front of you without a second of warning.  Don't misunderstand me.  I found Koreans, generally, to be very polite, but I would call the behaviors I described as woven into the culture (we all intrude on one another space at one time or another, just move on.).

      It's beautiful, and it cost a bit to go up to the bottom of the tower and a bit more to go to the top.  In the men's room at the top, one can look out the glass wall as one is doing ones duty.

 Bring your own lock and leave it if you wish.

That tower can be seen from a LOT of place in Seoul.  It has been my point of reference many times. 

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