Monday, March 19, 2012

Discovering a bit of Daegu

     Since the 1990's I've become, for the most part, a happy loner, that is I've enjoyed finding out things on my own, doing things on my own, enjoying my own time doing whatever I want to do at the time.  My first trip to Daegu was uneventful.  I simply wanted to get there, wander a bit, and return home safe and sound before calling it a night.  

     The Yeongcheon train station is pictured below.  Since the day I made this picture, the paved area in front of the station has been remodeled.



Actually, there are two KoRail stations in Daegu. One is called Daegu Station. The other is called Dongdaegu Station. Daegu station is closer to the downtown, but fewer trains go there from my town, Yeongcheon. Dongdaegu is a major transfer point for the KTX (the fastest train service in Korea), and is only a short distance, by taxi, from Daegu Station.


Here's something I'd never seen before.

Many times, I used Daegu City Center as my landmark.

      When I saw this KFC, my initial reaction was, "OMG!  My attempt to get away from westernization has been ruined!"  Of course I was being silly, and I had already seen many other western brand names in South Korea.

      Burnham Burgers was my first favorite place to get a burger cooked to order.


       There were no such coffee shops in Yeongcheon at the time.  I knew I'd be returning to Daegu.

    I never had any trouble locating the Daegu train station.

     I got home in time to enjoy a night cap in Yeongcheon.

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